Terms and Conditions

We run Dogs Play as a community group for the benefit of our members who join. Everyone signs up to the following…

I (the owner) confirm to Dogs Play Daycare that I am legal owner of my dog; that my dog has not been ill with any contagious disease or condition within the past (30) thirty days and that my dog has received all necessary vaccinations. I understand that Dogs Play Daycare is an open day care centre.

I agree that my dog will socialise with other dogs and I accept the risks involved and agree that Dogs Play Daycare are not liable for any injuries or illnesses resulting during my dog’s attendance.

I understand that if my dog has a history of aggression or biting, Dogs Play Daycare reserve the right to refuse entry to my dog and I have disclosed to Dogs Play Daycare any known dangers associated with my dog. Any behaviour deemed dangerous or inappropriate by Dogs Play Daycare may result in the instant dismissal of my dog(s) to my dog and/or another dog/s if my dog should maliciously injure. If using the fetch and return pick up service, I recognise the risks of injury associated with transporting my dog to and from Dogs Play Daycare. I expressively waive and relinquish any and all claims against Dogs Play Daycare, its employees and representatives, except those arising from negligence on the part of Dogs Play Daycare.

I understand that under no circumstances will Dogs Play Daycare be liable for consequential damages or damages beyond the replacement value of my dog.

If any medical problems develop while my dog is in the care of Dogs Play Daycare and I cannot be contacted, I authorise them to do whatever they deem necessary for the safety, health and wellbeing of my dog and I agree to assume full financial responsibility for all expenses incurred plus those of any dog/s my dog maliciously injures during their time at Dogs Play Daycare.

I understand that I must pay for day care and transportation costs in advance using either standing order, cash or credit/debit card.

I understand that I must give at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation and that I will be charged 100% for ‘no shows’.

I understand that the hours of operation are 7:30am – 6:00 pm Late Pick Up Charges: 5 or so minutes late every so often no worries – stuff happens, all we ask is you call us and let us know however if its longer or happens a little more often:

Half Day Sessions late charge @£5.00/h/dog apply After 15 mins and for each 15 mins after the end of the 5 hour session(drop off time)these charges will apply up to the value of a full standard “Pay and Play” full day daycare rate / dog or if after 6:15pm  standard end of day non pick up charge will apply.

Full Day Sessions – late charges: After 6:15pm £12.00 charge per dog;  after 7:00pm any dog not picked up or dropped off (see charges) the dog will be dropped at our emergency kennel @ £85/night /dog.