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How We Work

Here’s our quick reference guide that tells you what you need to do, from booking a session to picking up your dog (and everything in between!)

We’ve also provided a handy FAQ section on how we are handling Covid ongoing if that’s a personal concern or if we get another wave. 

If your dog hasn’t visited us before, we ask that you complete our short multiple-choice questionnaire to ensure that they are suited to a day care environment. 

Please follow this link, prior to setting up your online booking account, to complete the questionnaire. 

How will my dog get on in Dogs Play?

To better be able to take good care of your dog whilst they are with us, manage your bookings, and to comply with our legal and licence requirements, we need to keep some information about you, your dog and the vet you use. 

Please make sure you fill in all your information and that of the dog(s) you want to register (within the red box). We do this completing due to our license agreement, so if this has not been done, we sadly cannot book you in until all mandatory information is given. 


  • To add more than one dog, just click ‘additional dog’. 
  • Don’t worry if you can’t upload your dog’s vaccination certificate at this point but please do remember to bring it with you when you attend your free hour. 

Create a profile here

Once your profile is complete, you can now book in your dog’s induction hour. 

This is where it gets exciting! 

We use the hour to meet you and your dog(s) and for them to meet us! Call us on 01283760042 or 07870823209 to book your free hour, we do just two inductions each day in the week one at 9:30am and one at 2:30pm these are booked on a 1st come 1st serve basis. 

Please remember to bring your dog on a lead on a quick release collar e.g.

Quick release collar

Click the link to plan your route : How to find us

Here’s how the induction works: 

The pack leader will first take you to the reception and transfer your dog onto one of our leads (you take your lead away with you) and put them in a holding area by reception.  They can still see you and you can still see them, we just want them to have a moment to check out the new sounds and smells of a daycare environment.

The pack leader will then show you as much of our facility as we can (some areas may be in use but, at a minimum, you’ll be able to see them all), including sharing with you what we do during the free hour and answering all of your questions.

Once you’re happy they’ll ask you to read and sign our agreement form.

Click here to download.

Once you’ve signed the agreement form, we do ask you to leave for the rest of the hour. This is for safety reasons – we want your dog to concentrate on what is going on and not be looking for you, as you would be a big distraction, and it will be a true test to see how they would cope in this environment. 

We’ll then take our time to introduce your dog to Dogsplay in a structured and safe way. The pack leaders will give your dog as much time as they need to settle into their new surroundings before they are introduced to the other dogs. We do this because we know every dog is different. Your dog will first be introduced to one of our “In Pack Dogs” (You can meet these most important team members, Ada and Albert on our “Who We Are” page).

They’re trained specifically to do this role and don’t get too excited when they meet new dogs. They’re used to being in a pack environment, so once your dog’s relaxed and happy we then slowly introduce them to the rest of the pack. 

What if it takes longer than an hour? 

We call it a “free hour” because it usually takes this long to get the dogs shown round and integrated into the pack. It, however, it takes more than an hour that’s fine too. After all every dog is different! The assessment is designed to ensure your dog is happy and safe, so if we think it’s going to take longer than the hour, we’ll give you a call.

What we can tell you, is that when you come back at the end of the induction, your dog will likely be in a pack having a great time!

Before you leave, the pack leader will tell you how your dog has got on, and assuming everything has gone well for everyone, your online booking account will be fully activated so you can book whenever you need us.

Where to park and pick-up

When you arrive, please park in a visitor parking space, and wait in your car until a pack leader coms and collects you. These are clearly marked for you to find. 

When you come back to pick up your dog, please park in the reception parking area as this is where you will drop off and pick up from now on in most instances – don’t forget to bring back your lead! 

Top Tips for your Induction:

Please don’t use our post code in your cars Sat Nav – we have found lots of new customers who do this end up at the centre of the post code up an un adopted road, which is about ¾ of a mile away from us.  

To find our reception area and visitor parking spaces, please come through the entrance gates and up the driveway all the way to the end.  

To park in the visitor spaces, please go around the turning circle and park in one of the available spaces.

Visitor Parking

Bring your lead and the Pack Leader will tell you how they have got on, once you have completed this your online booking account will be fully activated so you can book when ever you need us.

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2 years on we are very aware the “risk” COVID poses is very personal to each individual, so we hope this simple Q&A answers any concerns you might have. Please feel free to contact us if you’d more information or have any further questions. Click here to go to the ‘Get in touch page’.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve followed Government guidance and have continued to invest in making your visit to Dogs Play Daycare Covid-safe.

We appreciate that the Covid situation is ever-changing, so our aim is to always offer the same safe great experience for your dog and you, albeit whilst observing any guidelines that might be laid out and within an environment that minimises any risk of transfer for all of us. 

Here’s the basics

All staff will have the appropriate PPE made available to them. We want to be clear that this is a personal choice for both our colleagues and customers, therefore it’s appropriate for them and you to wear whatever PPE they feel is relevant for that specific day / visit.

If the Government guidelines change, all recommendations will be made available to all staff. Please be aware most of the time we will be outside with the dogs, so unless the rule changes where masks are not mandatory in this circumstance it will be down to the individual pack leader’s preference

No member of staff will attend work if they fail a Lateral Flow test, show symptoms or are notified by Test & Trace. They will only return once they are released from Self Isolation via a negative test or for the Government advised duration of self-isolation.

 If you can’t attend due to COIVID and are using prepay vouchers, the expiry date will be extended by the same amount of days.

A: There is some evidence to show that pets in very close contact with an infected person can become infected with the Covid-19 virus, but importantly there is no evidence to show that they can then transmit it to humans.

A: In theory, it’s possible for the Covid-19 virus to be carried on a pet’s fur in the same way as it could be on any other surface an infected person has touched, so we advise all pet owners to maintain the government advice on good hygiene practices while looking after pets and regularly wash your hands.

A: No, we don’t want to cause any undue stress to your dog/s whilst they are at Dogs Play. We’re adopting a policy of leaving it to you the owner to make the call. If you think that is necessary then we think it only best that you wipe your dog down to your satisfaction when you get home.

A: You can’t leave your house If you have a positive Lateral flow or PCR test your dog can not attend until you are released from isolation (As per the Government guidelines at the time you are infected) before we can accept your dog in all circumstances. We can pick you dog up in certain circumstances. (See Below)

A: Yes – but only until you have a negative Lateral Flow or PCR test before we can accept your dog in all circumstances.

A: Please email us and we will extend the expiry date by the amount of days you cannot attend.

A: Please email us and we will extend the expiry date by the amount of days you cannot attend.

A: We have made extensive changes to how we welcome you and you dog at Dogs Play. There are two things you can do to minimise any risk. 1. Bring your dog on a lead that is a minimum 2m long / extendable so if you haven’t got one like this please can we ask you to purchase one. 2. If government advice states or you feel more comfortable please feel free to wear a mask.

A: If you still want your dog to come but are concerned about the risk from COVID we can do a “valet” service (collect and return your dog from the car). We will only be able to guarantee to do this if pre booked and will be available between 9:45am and 4:45pm please call us on 07870823209 to arrange this.

A: Yes we can but it will be by arrangement as we have made to ensure social distancing measures are observed and how we will reduce any potential risk of transfer. For example the dogs will need to be accessed independently with no person to person contact. Please call us if this service is needed.

A: Pack leaders will have face masks and hand sanitiser made available to them at all times if we have wet play and are using the indoor barn. All pack leaders will have the choice to wear masks and gloves when outside and are observing the 2m rule. Should an incident occur and close contact is needed, masks will be worn. 

A: The council have advised us no grace period is allowed as your vet should now be open and able to vaccinate. Please also remember to Flea and Worm your dogs before attending, this is your responsibility. You can check when your dogs is due on the online booking system, log in and look for Vaccinations on the left hand menu

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