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First Hour: Free

Our licence requires us to keep some information about you and your dog via our secure online booking system. It takes about 10 mins to set this up, and once we have all the information then you can book a free hour to see what we are all about.
To save you some time before you do this and claim your free hour, please take a minute to answer the following 5 multiple choice questions to see if what we offer is suitable for your dog and you.

1. Is your dog?

What happens during the free hour

On arrival, the pack leader will first take you to the reception and transfer your dog onto one of our leads (you take your lead away with you) and put them in a holding area by reception. They can still see you and you can still see them, we just want them to have a moment to check out the new sounds and smells of a Daycare environment.
The pack leader will then show you as much of our facility as we can (some areas may be in use but, at a minimum, you’ll be able to see them all), including sharing with you what we do during the free hour and answering all of your questions.
Once you’re happy they’ll ask you to read and sign our agreement form.
Click here to download a copy
Once you’ve signed the agreement form, we do ask you to leave for the rest of the hour. This is for safety reasons – we want your dog to concentrate on what is going on and not be looking for you, as you would be a big distraction, and it will be a true test to see how they would cope in this environment.
We’ll then take our time to introduce your dog to Dogs Play in a structured and safe way. The pack leaders will give your dog as much time as they need to settle into their new surroundings before they are introduced to the other dogs. We do this because we know every dog is different. Your dog will first be introduced to one of our “In Pack Dogs” (You can meet these most important team members on our “Who We Are” page). They’re trained specifically to do this role and don’t get too excited when they meet new dogs. They’re used to being in a pack environment, so once your dog’s relaxed and happy we then slowly introduce them to the rest of the pack.

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