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5 Simple Rules:

Keeping the grass clean and healthy in the runs means more enjoyment for you and your dog. So please remember the three P’s.

Parking: Please make sure you park your vehicle only on the block paving. Please don’t drive onto the grass.

Pathways: Each run has over 200m of perimeter pathway which is there to help ensure the dogs have nice grass to play on. If it’s frosty or wet please use the pathways at all times, other than for retrieving toys, training or picking up poo.

Play: Use all the space within the fenced area you have booked. Please feel free to bring any toys, balls or any other equipment for training you may need. Digging is not allowed, so please prevent dogs from digging immediately. If any items accidently get thrown over any fence please retrieve it only after the session has ended. Please under no circumstances allow any person to climb any of the fencing. You can bring children, all we ask is that you make sure they are supervised. All users are only allowed within the run they have booked.

Being ready to enter on time is as important as making sure you leave on time. Arriving more than a few minutes will mean time spent waiting in your car, while your dog becomes more and more impatient!

Each run is clearly marked on the gate. The “Yellow Run” is to the left of the green building and the “Orange Run” is to the right. Both have 4m wide double gates which will be open if the run is unoccupied. If you arrive on time and your run is not vacant, please check your booking. Are you at the correct run? If you are, call us 07976 724 501 and let us do the rest.

When the run is vacant, pull your car into the space and close the gates if its dark please turn on the lights for your run the switch is on the “Field Rules” board where you park your car. Only once the double gates are closed is it safe and secure to let your dog out. Enjoy your time in the run!

For your departure, all we ask is that you be ready to have your dog loaded back into your vehicle, turn the lights for the run off and have the gates open by the end of your booked time slot, so the next customer can enter on time, and safely.

We hope everybody respects each other’s time. To encourage this we have a policy we hope we don’t have to implement…

Late leavers: may have their booking account suspended for a week.

Three strike rule: repeat offenders will have their booking account closed.

Dog mess… if it’s your dog’s, please pick it up. We provide the bin which is emptied daily. Don’t worry if you forget your poo bags, there will be spares within each parking area. We know from experience that most dogs will ‘need to go’ within the first 5 mins of their play, so be super vigilant from the start!

If it’s a messy one (as a dog owner, you will know what we mean!) please pick up what you can and then use the watering cans provided to do the rest (if the watering can is empty there is a tap at the front of the barn or text 07976 724 501 for a refill).

Digging and scraping is not allowed, so please be vigilant – especially if your dog’s a known digger. Remember that digging can be a sign of boredom, so do use balls, lures, etc, to keep dogs happy and involved.

If you find any mess or digging that isn’t from your dog, please “flag it” for us. There are flags situated along each runs perimeter fence all we ask is you place a flag next to the offending area; and text us on 07976724501. Thank you!!

We hope everybody follows this rule as it will keep the grass in tip-top condition and perfect for dogs at play. To safeguard the rules, we have a policy we hope we don’t have to implement…

Flag Offenders: if we receive a ‘flag text’ we will review previous-user booking on CCTV; and offenders could have their booking account suspended for a week.

Three strike rule: Repeat offenders will have their booking account closed.

Please ensure all dogs are micro-chipped – it’s the law – and for their safety have valid, up-to-date vaccinations and that they are wormed. Remember that your dog’s vaccinations are your responsibility. (Kennel cough vaccination we regard as optional).

If you dog’s in season, this is not a problem she is welcome (it’s one of the reasons we opened DIY Play!) just remember if you’re bringing any other dogs you understand the risks.

Book with confidence: Real time live booking means if something comes up you can edit your booking for free up to 2hours before or if you find you have some last minute free time you can book, just make sure you have enough time to get here. Please note: You will be unable to change your booking if it is within 2h or if you book a slot within 2h of your booking, in either of these circumstances we will not be able to offer a refund.


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