Following on from the government announcing the road map for easing the country out of “lockdown” in May 2020 Dogs Play will Re-open from 8th June 2020.

Click here to download Dogs at Play step-by-step guide.

For the safety of everybody please also study the “Step by Step guide to keeping safe whilst at Dogs Play” our aim is to still offer the same great experience for your dog, albeit whilst observing the guidelines laid out by the government to reduce the risk to all of us.Before the FAQ’s please find the reasons why we have made these changes.

All staff will have the appropriate PPE made available to them
Relevant PPE as per Government Guidelines will be made available to all staff, please be aware most of the time we will be outside with the dogs so masks are not mandatory in this circumstance it will be down to the individual Pack Leader preference

Test & Trace: Self-Isolation for Staff & Customer
Any member of staff will not attend work if asked to do so when Test & Trace goes live can we ask you do the same? To be clear that means only return once the household is released from Self Isolation via a negative test or for the Government advised duration of self-isolation – If using Pre pay vouchers the expiry date will be extended by the same amount of days.

Wiping Down of dogs
Firstly please refer to Frequently Asked Questions (below) about potential transfer of COVID 19 from dogs. We don’t want to cause any undue stress to your dog/s whilst they are at Dogs Play, due to the new processes we are having to adopt to ensure social distancing is observed it would be impossible for us to wipe down each dog on entry and exit each time they attend.
We are called Dogs Play so we will still let the dogs play with each other so they will be in close contact with other dogs whilst they attend so if you are still concerned we advise you follow the following procedure:

When you pick your dog up you will be using your own lead (The Step by Step guide explains this), however we recommend to everybody you either wear gloves or wash your hands when you get home.
If you are concerned about potential transfer from another dog, it makes sense that once you get home you wipe down your own dog/s to your satisfaction.
Use a light spray of mild soap detergent / disinfectant on the cage or surface your dog was using within your car and If you are going to wipe down your dog we would advise you a damp cloth using a bowl with soapy warm water taking care to avoid the eyes.

1st: We are changing in line with Government Guidelines to keep everybody safe
In the last few months the world we live in has changed, we hope that everybody understands why we have made changes, they observe the government guidelines and are no doubt similar to the changes already in place in other areas of life e.g. food shopping and will involve everybody helping each other to maintain the 2m social distancing rules which are looking like they will be in play for the medium to long term. Please don’t worry we will still do all the stuff we have always done with regards to looking after the dogs the changes will be made specifically around how dogs are dropped off and picked up either by you or us ( The Step by Step guide coming soon will explain this process).

DIY Dogs Play and NHS / Key worker support – Last Day May 31st
To prepare for reopening, DIY Dogs Play and the daycare we have provided for NHS & key workers will no longer be available after May 31st .We hope those of you that have used it have found it safe and useful. If you have already booked and received conformation we will honour that booking if possible please do check that you have got back conformation though as we are having some essential ground works done before we open on the 8th in preparation for a more permanent solution to help us maintain social distancing in the long term – so some dates may have to be cancelled – D.I.Y. will return later this year but more on that at a later date.

Online Booking – Open from 25th May. Please help us by booking 7 days in advance where possible
We will be opening up the booking site for all customers that used us in the 3 months before lockdown from May 25th, please can we ask that in the next 12 weeks (to the end of September ) you give us a minimum 7 days notice for what you require. If we can ask you to support us in this request it will help us mange the team out of furlough in a fair way and importantly enable us to plan Pack Leader Rotas in advance ensuring we have the right staff to dog ratios. We are having to try to split the pack leaders into two teams in the short term to ensure if any team member needs to self-isolate we can offer a continuity of service.

If you do need to use us but can’t give 7 days’ notice we get that and we will try and be as flexible as possible so we advise you still try to book but please don’t be disappointed if we can’t accommodate you on every occasion. We are very tightly regulated by our licence and need to stick to very strict dog to pack leader ratios and if we don’t have the staff we wont be able to accept the booking.

Please do check your dogs vaccinations are up to date – you can check this on you booking account as well as flea and worming most vets are now open. We will not be able to accept you dog into the pack unless we have a copy of a valid certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
Q. Can dogs get COVID 19?
A: There is some evidence to show that pets in very close contact with an infected person can become infected with the Covid-19 virus ( two cases worldwide), but importantly there is no evidence to show that they can then transmit it to humans.
Q: Can Dogs Carry the COVID 19 Virus?
A: In theory, it’s possible for the Covid-19 virus to be carried on a pet’s fur in the same way as it could be on any other surface an infected person has touched, so we advise all pet owners to maintain the government advice on good hygiene practices while looking after pets and regularly wash your hands.

Q: Will my dog be wiped down whilst at Dogs Play?
A: No, as we have explained above time is an issue plus more importantly we don’t want to cause any undue stress to your dog/s whilst they are at Dogs Play, due to the all the new process’s we are having to adopt to ensure social distancing is observed it would be impossible for us to wipe down each dog on entry and exit each time they attend.
We are adopting a policy of leaving it to you the owner to make the call, if you think that is necessary then we think it only best that you wipe your dog down to your satisfaction when you get home – further detail on how you might do this is above.

Q: Can my dog come if I have had COVID 19?
A: No – you need to be given a clean bill of health and wait 14 days from that date before we can accept your dog in all circumstances.
Q: Can my dogs still come If I am instructed to or have to self-isolate at some point?
A: No – you need to be given a clean bill of health and wait 14 days from that date before we can accept your dog in all circumstances.

Q:What has happened to the expiry date of my pre paid vouchers?
A: When we closed on the 24th March we advised people we would extend any vouchers so that no one would be disadvantaged by the lock down. We will now extend each package by 77 days (the amount of days we have been closed) so no customer is disadvantaged. This is a manual process which we will endeavour to have done before June 8th so book the time and dates you want we will make the changes and apply the vouchers to any bookings on the system and resend conformation out to you, this is a manual task so if you think we have missed one, we may well have please just reach out to us.

Q: What social distancing measures are in place to ensure my safety?
A: We are making extensive changes to how we welcome you and you dog at Dogs Play in the long term which will be ready in the next few months. In the meantime if you are dropping off, picking your dog up or using our taxi service we have made some changes that will ensure we follow the government prescribed social distancing rules. We are producing a separate step by step guide that will explain all these changes which we will send out to you the week before we open. One change we can confirm now is you will need to bring your dog on a lead that is a minimum 2m long / extendable so if you haven’t got one like this please can we ask you to purchase one.

Q: I am on the shielding list or am still worried about social distancing but still want my dog to come how can I drop my dog off
A: If you still want your dog to come but are concerned about the risk from COVID we can do a “valet” service (collect and return your dog from the car). We will only be able to guarantee to do this if pre booked and will be available between 9:45am and 4:45pm please call us on 07870823209 to arrange this.

Q: Are there any restrictions on how and when can book?
A: The booking system will be open from Tuesday 26th of May: To help us plan what staff we need can we ask in the next few months you give us at least 7 days notice where possible if you do need us at shorter notice please by all means book but we may not be able to accommodate.

Q: Are you still doing the taxi service?
A: Yes we are we will send out changes we have made to ensure social distancing measures are observed and how we will reduce any potential risk of transfer via specific instructions to follow the week before we open but you will need a 2m lead or extendable lead if you will be in or make sure the dog is in a place that is easily accessible if not (we will use our own leads if nobody will be in).

Q: What PPE are the pack leaders going to use?
A: As mentioned already the Pack leaders will have gloves and face masks made available to them. If we have wet play and are using the indoor barn face masks and gloves will be worn if outside all pack leaders will have the choice to wear or not wear masks and gloves as long as they are observing the 2m rule. Masks will be on them at all times should an incident happen and close contact is needed.

Q:My dog vaccination certificate is out of date can I still come ?
A: The council have advised us no grace period is allowed, your vet should now be open and able to vaccinate. Please also remember to Flea and Worm your dogs before attending this is your responsibility. You can check when your dogs is due on the online booking system, log in and look for Vaccinations on the left hand menu. If the version we have on our system is out of date either upload your latest version or email a photo to

Q: I received a Birthday voucher can I still use it?
A: Yes call 07870 823209 to arrange a time that suits you and that we can accommodate

We appreciate your time in reading this letter hopefully we have answered all your questions, if not and you have a question not covered please email us on We will send out the “Step by Step guide to keeping safe at Dogs Play” before we open on the 8th June.

We hope to see you soon

Mat, Fleur and the Team
Dogs Play Daycare