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First Hour: Free

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to claim a free hours induction

Give us a call on 07870 823209 or click on the link to set up your online booking account to arrange a free one hour session. This will give you the opportunity to have a look around and then leave your  dog to have a good old sniff and explore of our facilities as well.

For your free hour at Dogs Play you will need your dogs vaccination certificate and a completed and signed agreement form (Click here)to download the form. We have plenty of agreement forms here if needs be, as long as the vaccinations are up to date we are good to go.

On arrival park your car at the front of the house and follow the path to the barn at the back of the property, you should hear us.  You and your dog will then be shown around all our facilities by one of our fully trained Pack Leaders.  A full explanation of what we do will be given and all questions you may have will be answered before you leave your dog with us for the free hour.

Once you have gone the dogs are given as much time as they need to settle into their new surroundings before they are introduced to the other dogs. We do this because we know every dog is different. Your dog will be introduced in the first instance to one of our care dogs ( care dogs don’t get too excited when they meet new dogs and are very used to being in a pack environment), once your dog is relaxed and happy we then slowly introduce them to the rest of pack.

We call it a “free hour” because it usually takes an hour to get the dogs shown round and integrated into the pack but if it takes more than an hour that’s fine too. After all every dog is different, the assessment is designed to ensure your dog is happy and safe, if we think its going to take longer than the hour we just give you a call.